Anybody remember Geocities?

Geocities was a Yahoo! owned service where users could publish their own websites for free. It was a very simple web hosting service that was popular during the late 90’s to early 2000’s. Eventually, the times changed and gone were the days of people creating cheesy personal websites with lots of colorful animated GIFs as backgrounds… The era of social media was upon us. This led to Yahoo! closing down Geocities.

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KotseAudioClub Artwork

As the head admin and designer for KAC, KotseAudioClub, I have made a lot of artwork for the group over the years. I was browsing through my Photobucket account and found a couple of them. I may have purged all the older ones to free up space on my Photobucket account.

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Vintage Comic Book ADs

Were you born in the 70’s or 80’s? If so, you probably have seen a couple of the ads I will feature in this blog entry.

I was a little bored and started searching for “vintage toy ads” and came upon those old ads that were notoriously placed in comic books during those periods. I really found them interesting as a kid and this discovery that some people had actually scanned and uploaded them on the internet sparked my interest to find more.

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Indiana Jones Props I Want to Have

I am a big Indiana Jones fan and collector… Not many of those here in the Philippines. Most people here are more into Star Wars. I wanted a collection that was sort of rare (rare here in the Philippines) and not as common. I didn’t want a collection that a lot of people were into. I wanted a collection that was both about something I loved and something that was rare. And Indiana Jones fit t he bill perfectly.

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Retro Arcade PC Games

Late last night, me and my GF were watching a youtube video which featured old NES arcade games (Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight, Contra, etc). This got us all nostalgic and I had this idea of writing about retro arcade PC games.

I know, PC’s weren’t that popular a gaming platform even back in the day. That distinction was held by Atari, and eventually, Nintento. But there were still a lot of popular and fun arcade games for the PC back then. Continue reading